• The Tempest Way

The Tempest Fire Way

Over the past 20 years we have discovered that consistently delivering an enduring competitive advantage to our business partners requires a unique corporate recipe. This recipe – what we call the Tempest Way – is the explicit behaviors, beliefs and unique personality of our company. Moreover, it is the shared practices and cultural operating system that makes up the way we work, communicate and grow. The Tempest Way has several distinct components that makeup the foundation of our continued success including lean construction, corporate philanthropy, our facility and of course a little fun.


Lean is much more than just doing things faster strutting or through the jobsite speaking Japanese. It is about working more effectively – the right people, working on the right things at the right time – and minimizing waste while creating more value for our customers. Implementing Lean principles has directly attributed to decreased time to market, increased quality and lower project costs.

Lean at Tempest

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Key Principles of Lean Construction

  • Maximizing value and minimizing waste in the execution of the project is the desired goal as opposed to the traditional construction pressures of trying to “speed up” each individual activity.
  • Value to the customer is explicitly defined (the what is important) rather than making changes at the finish line and causing frustration throughout the life of the project.
  • Transparency and team empowerment as opposed to “old-school” centralized decision-making.
  • Improved planning processes and coordination to assure reliable workflow and predictable project outcomes.

Making a Difference

The greatness of a company is not in the gloss of the brochure or the size of the paycheque, but in its integrity and its ability to affect those in the community. It is because of this belief that we formalized our in-house corporate philanthropy program, designed to affect positive change by committing 2% of our annual net profits to charitable causes by way of volunteered employee time and monetary donations. We understand that re-investing in the well being of a community makes it a more loving and enjoyable place to live – enabling all to thrive.

Play Hard

Boots off and toolbelts down, we like to have a good time. Aside from the friendly kidding and toolbox banter in the trenches of the day-to-day, we take in other fun activities like shinny hockey, charity team builders, paintball, go-carts, golf, family BBQ’s … well, you get the idea.

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